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NEW YORK, NY (September 24, 2019) – The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) via its commercial arm, the NBPI, today announced a multiyear agreement with The Brandr Group (TBG) to develop business opportunities for current NBA players in the collegiate space. TBG will serve as the NBPA’s agency of record to represent NBA player group licensing rights across all categories for collegiate co-branded licensing opportunities.

“We are excited about our partnership with TBG,” said Josh Goodstadt, Executive Vice President of Licensing for the NBPI. “Their expertise in the collegiate space will allow us to further develop our licensing business for all of our players and we look forward to working with them.”

This initiative expands upon the NBPA’s existing licensing business featuring NBA players. Under the partnership, TBG will work in collaboration with the NBPI, the commercial arm of the NBPA, to market NBA player group rights – with a primary focus on developing co-branded licensing programs and consumer products that celebrate the players’ time in college.

“College basketball enjoys incredibly loyal and zealous fans, and schools are always eager to find ways to extend their brands while sustaining connections between fans and their favorite players now in the NBA,” said Wesley Haynes, The Brandr Group’s CEO. “We’re thrilled to partner with a world-class organization like the NBPA, and to bring our collective experience to optimize NBA players’ brands and grow their licensing business.”

For decades, products that combine professional team logos and player names and numbers have accounted for a large portion of licensed sports merchandise sales. This partnership opens the door for the same product opportunities at the collegiate level. NBA players, from small to large college programs, maintain avid followings at their alma maters, with appeal to alumni as well as current students. Through the co-branded approach, consumers can own products featuring their college team's logo combined with their favorite professional player's name and number, just as they do for their NBA team.

The Brandr Group works closely with prominent brands and has a deep understanding of the college landscape. TBG staff has experience working at all levels of distribution, and sits in a unique position to help brands connect with professional athletes and develop incremental college business. TBG represents the collegiate licensing business of the NFL Players Association and now the NBPA as well.

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About the NBPA

The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) is the union for current professional basketball players in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Established in 1954, the NBPA’s mission is to protect and support the rights and talents of our players, magnify the power of their collective will, and amplify their voices as leaders who will transcend sports and society globally.

The NBPA advocates on behalf of the best interests of all NBA players, including the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, the filing of grievances on behalf of the players, or counseling players on benefits, educational, and post-NBA career opportunities. Business opportunities are generated by the NBPI, the subsidiary of the NBPA charged with managing the players’ group licensing rights.

Dedicated to preserving the legacy of its members, the NBPA Foundation provides support and assistance to persons, communities and organizations around the world that seek to improve the lives of those in need.

About The Brandr Group

The Brandr Group (TBG) is a brand management, marketing and licensing agency with broad experience and an expertise in sports. TBG partners with prominent brands, colleges, sponsors, corporate trademarks, athletes and events to cultivate, diversify and monetize intellectual property through professional brand management and licensing endeavors. The TBG team has decades of collective management experience for some of the world’s largest brands. For more information, please visit

The Team

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Payne Brown


Joi Garner

Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Josh Goodstadt

Executive Vice President, Licensing

Dan Gladstone

Senior VP, Grassroots & Business Development

Mark Rejtig

Senior VP, Brand Partnerships

Christina Norman

Head of Content

Brian Lee

Vice President, Brand & Player Engagement

Inky Son

Vice President of Licensing

Latoya Sterling

Vice President, Brand & Player Experiences

Keisha Wright

Vice President, Integrated Marketing

Chris Jean

Senior Director, Grassroots Basketball & Events

Neil Hegde

Director, Player Engagement & Business Development

Oliver Costamagna

Director, International Market Research

John Feuerstein

Senior Manager, Licensing - Games & Digital

Nathaniel Hemingway

Manager of Brand Partnerships

Khadija Campbell

Manager, Integrated Marketing

Troy Bynum

Licensing Manager

Katrina Clayton

Manager, Player Engagement

Ashley Phanor

Licensing Manager

Ayana Hazeley

Coordinator, Player Engagement

Andrew Godnick

Administrative Assistant

Genesis Valle

Administrative Assistant